About Us

Archon is a raiding guild founded by a small group of friends dedicated to playing World of Warcraft. Our aim is to build a team willing to work together in a mature and friendly environment to progress through current-content in the game.

Our core players have had a passion for raiding since the early days of Vanilla and The Burning Crusade with experience in leading large raiding teams for six years. The main difference between us and the elite is that we are looking to have fun progressing through content, putting us somewhere between casual and hardcore raiding.


In order to join with us, you will need to be able/willing to perform/do the following!

Have an appropriate gear level for the current raid content.
Enchant, gem and reforge gear properly for your specialization.
Read up on tactics and understand the fight mechanics fully before attending.
Prepare flasks, food and any other buffs/materials you may need.
Able to use TeamSpeak3 with a working microphone and be prepared to communicate.
Able to work as a team, learn from wipes and act mature.
Engage with the guild and become part of the team.
Required add-ons: DeadlyBossMods, epgp (dkp reloaded), EPGP Lootmaster and Omen3

The Raiders


Fury Warrior - DPS


Frost Mage - DPS


Holy Priest - Healer


Retribution Paladin - DPS


Protection Paladin - Tank

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Does everyone get into a raid? A: We have more raiders than spots to ensure we can always raid, therefore some people will be on standby for raids, but will still receive EP for loot.
  • Q: What time-zone is Archon using? A: All times listed on our website and used by our leaders are Argent Dawn game time.
  • Q: What are your raid days and times? A: We plan to raid Wednesdays and Thursdays at 20:00 - 23:00.
  • Q: Do you have any breaks? A: We stop for a ten minute break at 21:30.
  • Q: I want loot! How is loot distributed? A: We use a DKP-styled distribution system called EPGP to make sure loot is fairly distributed.
  • Q: How in the world does EPGP work? A: See the EPGP documentation for information.
  • Q: What happens if I can't turn up for a raid? A: Give us as much warning as you can and it will be fine!
  • Q: Am I expected to be awesome? A: No, but you are expected to turn up on-time and prepared whilst putting in your best effort.
  • Q: Will I loose my spot if I slack or have bad attendance? A: While we don't like removing people, if someone is letting down the entire team we will seek to replace them.
  • Q: What do I need to do to apply? A: Fill out the form at the bottom of our website, one of our officers will contact you in-game!
  • Q: I disagree with something the officers/raiders are saying or the guild is doing, what do I do? A: Rather than bringing issues/disputes up during a raid, we prefer you to poke an officer in private and discuss the problem.
  • Q: How long will I be on trial? A: That can vary depending on the player and their progress with us, but normally it takes about two to three weeks.
  • Q: Are there any suggested but not required add-ons for raiding with Archon? A: Yes, we would appreciate it if raiders had Ora3 installed and enabled.
  • Q: Does the guild provide enchants for raiders? A: If someone has passed their raiding trial we will supply free enchants providing we have the materials available.

Apply To Join

Even if we do not have any spots open please feel free to apply, we accept suitable players in a casual raiding spot which allows them to step into raids should we have a spot free and possible progress to a permanent position.